Heal Yourself With Theta Healing

Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

Healing, energy and vibrations seem like really complicated words, doesn’t it?

But you know these things are not really complicated; energy and vibrations are something that we have in our bodies.

Do you remember that gut feeling in your stomach when you meet someone for the first time; that, yeah, this person looks sweet, but no, doesn’t feel like it?

Yeah, you remember right, that’s vibrations that come from the person. Most of the time, we don’t realize but actually tap into the energies of every person. And sometimes, those energies cloud ours and drain our energy. This is why sometimes we feel lazier, we get sick easily, and many unexplainable things just start. To avoid such scenarios, we need to heal and re-energize ourselves.

Today I am going to talk about such a healing technique which is known as theta healing. Theta healing was created in 1995 by Vianna Sitbal while she was on her personal journey of recovery from a leg tumour. As per Vianna Sitabal, this is a meditation technique and a very meaningful spiritual philosophy that is not specific to any one religion. It believes and recognizes all of them, intending to become closer with the almighty. Such training is meant for the mind, body and spirit, and it provides you with the ability to get rid of various beliefs that limit you from achieving anything that you desire.

But what if the power of theta healing and the essence of beautiful aromas are packed in one candle?

Doesn’t it make the process much simpler and effective at the same time?

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the purest and most beautiful healing candles by Angelic Glow. Your soul sees and tolerates a lot of things in these years. Sometimes it leaves a mark and needs to heal. What is a better way than to light a candle and relax?

This initiative is started by the two most savage and amazing women, Asha Keswani, an entrepreneur and Lata Gurnani, a qualified Theta healing master. They have the purest intention of making a difference and spreading positivity in everyone’s life. This is why they came up with such a creative idea of helping people through aromatic candles charged with theta healing.

Angelic Glow has a plethora of amazing candles, and each kind serves its purpose. Let me explain each one to you in detail. So you can choose the right one for you. Sometimes it is easy to determine if we have all the details with us.

The Balance Glow

These days our life has been limited to the walls of our home, and a walk on the green grass while birds chirping and soft breeze touching you softly sounds like an unrealistic dream. I know it does because even I feel the same.

But what if I say that Angelic Glow has packed such aroma in a beautiful candle that keeps you calm while you have your fingers on the keyboard and eyes glued to the screen. The Balance Glow helps you in finding the balance and sense of groundedness in your life. This candle is scented with lemongrass, which brings the feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation to life.

If you have been searching for some work time refreshment, then The Balance Glow is the only balance that you need in your life.

The Divine Glow

God is within us, and we search for it everywhere except in ourselves. Sometimes we make mistakes, and things happen, making us realize that we are not pure or don’t have the heart to accept anything anymore.

But all we need to do is to peek inside ourselves again. I understand we can have toxic people around us, making it hard for us to focus on ourselves or bring that spotlight on us again.

This is why I present The Divine Glow. This candle is made with the sole purpose of awakening the lord within. Get ready to unlock your potential with such a great power candle.

The Memory Glow

Who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane?

We all want that perfect moment with our family and friends. How about a pinch of aroma and the sweetness of vanilla? Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Light this beauty while you are spending moments with your near and dear. The experience is just going to elevate your senses.

The memory glow lights up and fills your environment with a beautiful aroma. So what are you waiting for? Get this beauty to elevate your parties and get-togethers.

The Royal Glow

How many times in a day do you prioritize yourself over others or your work? What comes to your mind when I say self-care?

Partying, a spa day, shopping or something else? I know the list is endless, but do you sit, close your eyes and let your thoughts wash your mind?

Rarely, right? Angelic Glow has done a great job in bringing a sense of calmness and beauty.

The Royal Glow is refillable, and it just wins your heart the moment you lay your eyes on it.

We all know that apart from what we can see and feel, there are things that influence our lives and journeys. It is just that we ignore it, but those things and frequencies are always there, and it affects us in many ways. Head over to http://angelicglow.in/ and select a candle to light up your life.

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