Different Ways in which one can slay in Crop Top.

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No matter what, crop tops have always been a trendsetter since the 90s. The early history of the crop top intersects with cultural attitudes towards the midriff, starting with the performance of “Little Egypt”.

Although crop tops started gaining prominence in the fashion industry during the 1930s and 1940s, the latter in particular due to fabric rationing in World War II — it was largely confined to beachwear at the time. It was not until the sexual revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s that it started to achieve widespread acceptance, promoted by celebrities such as Barbara Eden and Jane Birkin. A variant style, the tied top or knotted shirt, also started appearing in 1940s fashion and spread in popularity during the 1960s.

And now they are back with much more variations and style…

So here are some different ways in which you can style your crop top.

So Let’s get started

The most simple and easy way to style a crop top is with a pair of jeans. There are no limitations or barriers that will let you think that you can’t style your crop top with boyfriend jeans or high waist or any kind of it. Girl, style it with any kind of it, and you are ready to slay in it.

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Want to attend a family function, and your cousins want to see you in saree but don’t have time to alter the blouse of your mom or sister?


Take a plain white or black as per the color of your saree. You can also go for those crop tops with ruffled sleeves or off-shoulder in style. And you are ready to surprise everyone with your style!

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Combine your crop top, which has the essence of ethnicity, with your lehenga. And you are ready to glow in any festival or function. Accessorize it with ethnic jewelry and a beautiful hairstyle.

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Want a simple attire for any function which looks ethnic but is western, or I should say, which gives an Indo-Western look? No worries, grab your skirt from your wardrobe and a crop top; it can complete the look or contrast. Decide how you want to wear it.

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Palazzos are super fun, airy, and comfortable. One can style it elegantly with a crop top. Choose a simple one-color crop top or a multicolored one for any simple event. You can also style a heavy palazzo with crop tops of ruffled sleeves for any get-together.

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Are you bored with your regular yoga outfit? Pair a very simple crop top with a dhoti or harem pant. It will look super stylish and will give you a new feel.

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Crop tops have always evolved since they have gained importance in the fashion world. However, they are not confined with just denims. Trust me, crop tops are the most creative element you can play with.

With that being said, I gotta go, why?

Gosh, I need to buy some crop tops!

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